Healing Basket



The Healing Basket is a free, monthly, group healing space.  You can join the healing simply by intending to.  Just imagine putting your name in the basket, and you’re in!

You may also place loved ones in the basket.   With just a thought or intention that they receive a healing, you will “place their name in the basket.”

Each month the Healing Basket will take place on or near the New Moon.  After joining with your intention, there is nothing else to do, just receive!

You may notice the energy, both building up to and during the healing.  You may also notice the healing shifts taking place afterwards for several days/weeks.  The healing addresses all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, past, present, future…  Healing is restoring Wholeness.  There are no limits!

If you would like to receive email notifications of when the next healing basket will happen, send an email with “Healing Basket Notices Please!” in the subject line to: shantima12 at yahoo dot com, or subscribe to my newsletter.


This month’s Healing Basket is:   Thursday, March 7th