10 Ways to Maintain a Meditative Mind Throughout the Day


Happy Meditating!

  1. Begin the day with meditation: a daily morning meditation sets the energy for the day.
  2. Be the observer of yourself: your thoughts words and actions. Become aware of and identify with this “observer.”
  3. Ground: Be aware of a connection between your body (at your 1st chakra) and the center of the Earth. Validate your grounding throughout the day.
  4. Throughout the day, say “Hello” with your awareness, to That Which Gives.
  5. Be forgiving, especially of yourself.
  6. Be compassionate.
  7. Notice your body, how you are holding it, where there is tension etc. Say “Hello” with your awareness. Give any tension or “holding” a gentle, kind, compassionate Hello. Breathe and release.
  8. Practice seeing God in everyone: beyond all appearances, see the Light of Oneness in everyone and everything.
  9. Laugh often every day, even and especially when there doesn’t seem to be a reason.
  10. Give yourself a psychic shower before you go to sleep each night and or each morning.