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A Tribute: to Love, Loss, Community, and a Dear Friend

posted by jean October 26, 2023 0 comments

A great wise soul, masterful teacher, bright light, and dear soul friend has made his Earthly departure.  I cannot let this momentous occasion pass without honoring and celebrating my dear friend and teacher, Michael Tamura.  At the moment, I feel tremendous Joy, gratitude, celebration and a sense of fulfillment, completion.  Yes, there is sadness and grieving.  But the Love and Gratitude I have for him, and for all of my time with him as a student and friend is so immense that the grief is instantly transformed into Joy. 

I realized when Michael was ill last winter and spent many days in the hospital to address what was diagnosed as ALS leukemia, that I have been preparing for his death since the moment I met him in this lifetime, about 18 years ago.  As a dear old soul friend, I experienced intense, almost debilitating, grief when he died in a sudden and gruesome way many lifetimes ago.  In that lifetime, he was also a teacher, but, more importantly, a friend and colleague whom I relied on to share and validate the wisdom and information I could not then, as a woman, safely spread in the way that he was.  Indeed, even in a male body, he was killed for teaching what he taught (I mean, that’s why Jesus was killed too! :D) His loss, after the loss of the great Love that is known as Jesus, was deeply painful.

Fortunately, because of the loving reminders Michael’s teaching have provided over many years, I have the capacity to be with grief and transform painful experiences. And, unlike that lifetime with him long ago, I am living in a time when the limits to what women can know, share, teach and do are greatly reduced.  We are finally in a time when the wisdom women have is being recognized, celebrated, received and valued more and more, to a much, much greater extent than in the past many thousands of years.  Yay!! 

The time for isolation, painful grieving and quiet withholding is long past. I have been well prepared to Be the Light, shine the Light, share my wisdom, create and connect with community wherever I go, and hide no more.

We are living in a truly epic time of tremendous change, growth and transformation.  Rather than finding only a small handful of souls on the planet interested in awakening, there are now many, many thousands of souls incarnated and incarnating for that very purpose.  The time is Now, as they say! I am Here for this. I have been well prepared to show up fully.

I know that my time with Michael Tamura was an immensely crucial preparation for this very time.  I have known that from the time I met him.  For this reason, his passing on to Spirit feels like a long awaited and joyous graduation.  Yay!  It’s Go Time!! While I will miss seeing him in person, His joyous communication, laughter, and bright presence remains.  And, I was much more used to communicating with him in Spirit than in person, so not much has changed on that level! 😀

One of the losses I mourned in earlier lifetimes, that I am now earnestly rekindling, is community.  When Jesus died, and his “disciples” (aka students, followers, inner circle, which included a Lot of women who are not really mentioned in the Bible) divided and scattered, it felt like the most painful loss one could ever experience.  Like Love was gone from the Earth.  Like I was truly alone.  The living community I had known and been a part of for many years scattered physically and divided energetically.  And then it happened again.  When we lose a great love, this is where grief takes us: to the experience of isolation, disconnection, separation from Love.

When we give ourselves the space to Be with our grief and look at where it arises from, we begin to see that we can never lose Love.  This doesn’t mean that we never feel alone or without Love when we are having this human experience.  It means that the grief is just that:  a human experience.  Our experience as Spirit, when we allow ourselves to be aware of that, is total Union, Eternal Love. 

The only way through immense grief is to Have Who we Truly Are.  Because in the Light of Truth, only Love remains.

I have shed so many layers of tears and grief, especially in the last couple of years.  And I haven’t even experienced great loss in that time.  It was all very old grief, images of loss from long ago, many lifetimes of losing community in tragic, awful ways.  I am so very grateful for this cleansing release of grief, because each layer I experience and let go of brings me closer to a richer, deeper, more expansive and ever-present experience of the Reality of Sprit, which is always simply Love, Joy and Peace.  When you live the Reality of Spirit, the inevitable loss that pervades the human experience is met with Grace.  Like breathing, you keep allowing the energy to flow, in and out.

Thank You Michael for flowing in and out of our lives with such Grace, Power, Wisdom and Amusement.  Thank you for your continued Presence in Spirit.  Thank you for giving Life your All and sticking around here as long as possible, so that you could share the Light of Truth with as many people as possible, for as long as needed.  I am forever grateful.  Your inspiration has lit a bright path for so many souls, and your legacy lives on in all of our lives.

With Love and so much Gratitude,


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