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I am exuberantly grateful to be releasing this work into the world! 

This album reflects many years of my own inner journey of healing, transformation and celebration of Being.  Most of the recording work for this album happened in 2007-08, when I traveled to NYC a half dozen times to record in Barry Goldstein’s studio. The completion of the album was finally ready in early 2013 when I was able to travel again, this time to Barry’s new studio in Arizona. 

But the journey began many years before, when these songs (and others that did not get recorded) came to me and through me, during many years of deep inner listening and inquiry, beginning in 2003.  While the songs came as a message first to myself at the time, it was clear that they were for sharing, that the music needed to reach far and wide.  I know this because these songs didn’t just “land in my lap,” they played relentlessly, sometimes constantly, in my mind until I began to sing them to others, to write them and begin recording them, even though this was not an easy thing for me to do. 

While I am a very musical soul, I have had little training or experience in this lifetime as a musician.  But still the music lives in me, and will come out in whatever way it can.  So it is with great Joy and Gratitude that I share this work of music, and encourage you to share it with any and all that you feel inspired to share the Love with.  Thank you for now being a part of this journey of inspiration. 

With Love,  Jean