Lyrics Grace

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There is so much grace…coming through
it’s all up in your face…blessing you
just open up your heart…to receive
the healing you will feel…it’s beyond belief

You don’t have to think…spirit knows
the essence of your being…let it show
cause all your searching for…is within
just love all of yourself…be your friend


Breathe into your silence…listen well
know you’re always home…you’re never lost
Cause we are on a journey..of self discovery
and we’re all each other’s mirrors..I know that you can see

I can see that….

Grace is:  The fragrant sound of love in your mind
Grace is: What’s in your heart each time you forgive
Grace is:  Freedom from fear so that you can live
Grace is:  The voice for Truth that’s singing to you!


by Jean Roorda
© 2007