Happy Hearts

posted by jean February 14, 2008 0 comments

Yes!  I Love Valentine’s day!  It’s so important to have as many days as possible throughout the year where people give themselves more permission to be Loving and giving and laughing and sharing and playing and being silly, and just really enjoying themselves!


It’s my favorite holiday.  Although you might hear me say that about another holiday when it comes along.  Again, any day that somehow fosters more havingness for Love and play and celebration is a Fantastic day in my book.  Let’s Love more!  Let’s have Happy Hearts every day!

I received a Happy Valentines email from my mother earlier today entitle Happy Hearts Day.  How appropriate.  So I have to credit her with that new fabulous name for today, and every day we give ourselves total permission to Be.  To be Happy, Grateful, Open and Bright in our very happy-grateful-open-bright Hearts.  Thank You Mom. And Thank You All for the Love you give and receive freely today and everyday you allow yourselves to have this ever-present Gift of the Heart.

May we all always have the Joy, Love and Giving that is our heart and our Self.

Thank You St Valentine!

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