Creating a Foundation of Peace

posted by jean April 19, 2013 0 comments

What if
the terror that becomes
the terrorist is loved as much
as the terrorized
and the terror in each of us
that tears our blanket of peace
to shreds when
we blame
what if
that terror, terrorist and terrorized
are seen
as the same call for Love
and answered with the same embrace
of compassion
what if
that Loving witness
were given to ourselves
our own terror
the terrorized and terrorist
what if
it’s the same
and we meet eachother
in the Heart of forgiveness
and bow to eachother
as the One
that Is
and look into the eyes of our own fear
and kiss the forehead of the terrorist in us
that forgot how to trust that Love
is Greater, and fear is Not
what if that’s the only
the only explanation for any insanity
that appears
to show us Who we are and what
we have forgotten or hidden from
we kiss the lips of Truth
and awaken in the explosive Joy
of Union
for Wholeness Is
there’s no less Bliss behind the wall
of fear than within the tapestry of Love
which includes and dissolves those walls
what if
you are your own terrorist
and we are terrorized only by our own
unattended thoughts
and unforgiven wanderings
into the impossible
what if
we just remember
to Breathe
sing, laugh, Love, give, Have, Be
and as Love would
give it all Space
the suffering will transmute
in the fire of Truth and become
the jewel of Wisdom
“the pearl of great price”
the seed of unlimited compassion
the foundation
of everlasting Peace.

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