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“They fear love because it creates a world they cannot control.”  ~George Orwell

“Not my will, but Yours be done.” ~ Mark 14:36, Luke 22:42

As the volume of palpable fear increases in the world, the screams of resistance and the groans of despair get louder, it is even more important to look within, and see the Light of Truth.  We can become the fear, or we can forgive it.  Forgiveness is the effortless product of seeing the Truth:  fear is the absence of Love, but Love can never really be absent, because it is Eternal, Ever Present, unchanging and unchangeable.   Love Is.

When we experience fear within us, we are momentarily forgetting Love, forgetting Who and What we Are.  When fear is present within us, it reveals where we have been absent.  It is an opportunity to let go (forgive), restore our awareness of wholeness, and return to our true Self.

Humanity is in the process of waking up to our True Self.  Collectively, we are going through an identity crisis.  While the vast majority of humanity has identified as being the body, being a separate individual self, essentially being the ego, a larger portion of humanity than ever before is in the process of recognizing and owning their true identity as Spirit: the one indivisible, eternal and limitless creation of God.

Because Love is so much more powerful than fear, the ripple effect of a larger percentage of humanity waking up to, owning and living as Spirit is enormous.  Just one soul living as Spirit counteracts the effects of hundreds, even thousands, of souls living as Ego. Humanity is now experiencing a tsunami of awakening souls.  The effect on the collective is what we are seeing in the world right now:  a Lot of fear coming to the surface.  Fear takes the form of viruses, wars, scarcity, competition, violence and suffering.

But, have no fear! 🙂 The fear is coming out, it is releasing.  Whenever anyone chooses Spirit, chooses Love, chooses to be Present as their True Self in and through their body, any fear within them must release, because (again) fear is the absence of Love:  Love and fear cannot coexist.  As you choose to Be that which you truly are, all fear within you comes to the surface and releases.  On a personal level, this growth period, this release of energy, may be experienced as an illness, a crisis or conflict, a turning point, or a major change in your relationships, work life or family.  On a collective level, we are witnessing this massive release of fear as the chaos that has been the last 2 years and continuing.

And yet, our next step is emerging.  The Love that we are choosing and having is creating a whole new human experience.  It may not be apparent yet, as the fear is loud, demanding our awareness and calling us to act in compassionate service to those swept up in its tidal wave.  But the world that reflects more Love and less fear is emerging beneath the surface of this giant collective growth period.  So, let’s celebrate that as we tend to those traumatized by the grasp of fear.

The question of how to help those caught up in the fear and the effects of those choosing from fear is ever present among the givers, healers and loving souls on the planet.  How can we stop wars?  How can we help people live in Love rather than fear?  How can we stop governments from marching down the path of total control?  How can we end violence and hatred?

We can Love.  We can Be our True Self.  We can let Spirit lead, guide and inspire our lives.  We can choose Love when the ego tempts us to act from fear.  And when we misstep and act from fear, we can choose again and act from Love.  We can forgive ourselves.  We can let go and be fully present.  We can forgive everything.  We can create from the inspiration, enthusiasm and limitlessness of Spirit.  We can celebrate Life with our friends, family, neighbors and community.  We can create beauty together.

We can be free.  Because we already are.  Because we are Love.  And we are choosing to be what we are.  We are waking up from the slumber of forgetfulness and living as Love.  Love does not blame.  Love is the choice to live as Cause, not effect.  Love is not a victim.  Love is the Source.  When we see the effects of past choices to fear instead of Love, we can have compassion, forgiveness, and certainty in That Which Is:  the eternal, the limitless, Spirit.

As a new world emerges, we can remember that we are always creating, with our thoughts, the images we put out into the collective Mind.  We can own our creative power.  We can own our awareness, look within, and see what we have been creating, forgive, and choose what we would like to create now, in present time.  When we forgive, we release, let go.  This letting go requires surrender:  fully trusting ourselves, Spirit, as we allow the mess and chaos of what we are letting go of to fully release.  We must not let the appearance of what we are releasing to blind us to the beauty, inspiration and eternal presence of Truth.

We can remember that, even when the storm clouds are dark and thick, the Sun is still there, always shining.  See that Light within you and shine it into the darkness within.  Then you will see that the darkness does not exist.  It is only the appearance of an absence.  When you are not absent, there is no darkness.  When you bring your full presence into any dark (unconscious) space within you, your light shines fuller and brighter.   You dispel the clouds of fear.  You experience the radiance of Spirit, the Joy of Spirit, the enthusiasm and creativity of Spirit.  You experience the Love that you are.

Who is this “they” that George Orwell refers to?  Well, we know that he was referring to the global governments, the ruling elite, the oligarchs in the story.  And we can easily see this playing out in the story of our world today.  However, we can also look within and see this “they” within us.  We can see that which wants to control because it is afraid.  We can see that which denies Love.  This is often referred to as the ego, that which attempts to exist as separate.  When we have a body, we have an ego.  So it’s not about getting rid of the ego.  (This is an amusing act of futility and invalidation because, in Truth, the ego doesn’t exist.  Oneness Is.)  It’s about recognizing when the ego is in the driver’s seat of the mind and choosing again to occupy and own that space.  It’s about being at Cause, rather than effect.  It’s about being Spirit rather than the body.  Being Love rather than fear.

As humanity goes through an identity crisis, recognize your own inner identity shift.  Own your power to choose Who and What you will be.  If you choose to be your True Self, you will discover and release all of your past choices against that, while you enjoy more and more of the Joy and Freedom of Spirit.  If you choose to be that which you are not, you will continue to discover and experience the pain, suffering and futility of that choice.

Would you have Divine Will, your True Self, or not?

Choose wisely!  😀

And remember, what you experience is not dependent on what others choose.  You are not responsible for what others choose.  Because there are no others! 😉 😀

With Love and Amusement,


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