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Creating in Present Time

posted by jean May 21, 2020 0 comments

Have you ever found yourself stuck?  Like you know something needs to change, but you don’t know how to change, or what to do?  Or like you just can’t?  We often go through life carrying the energy of our experiences with us, especially the difficult or painful experiences, like loss, disappointment, responsibility.  We become weighted, heavy with the effort of holding and resisting these burdens.  And sometimes this feels like being stuck.

Fortunately, there is another way.  We do not have to be stuck.  In truth, You aren’t stuck, you are experiencing the energy of stuck, feeling it, and becoming it even.  Stuck energy is sticky.  It is compacted layers of thoughts and feelings from the past:  guilt, grief, judgement, resentment, invalidation, failure, resignation.  Fear and resistance binds it all together into a seemingly immoveable, unchangeable experience of stuck.  Yay! What fun! 😀

The fear says: what if it’s true?  What if I am stuck, forever?  What if I am not enough and this grief destroys me?  What if I am unforgivably bad, a total failure?  What if I’ve screwed up and can never make this right?  What if…? This fear is painful, and we resist the pain and ugliness of it.

The great news is that none of it is true.  It is all in the past.  The stuck energy does not need to be solved, and you can let it go.  Letting it go is letting it be, rather than continuing to resist it, or recycling the effort of it by trying to figure it out.  Letting it be is freeing yourself from the past. Letting go is forgiveness.  Goodbye stuck energy,  Hello Present Time!

In Present Time, you are free and whole.  You are an Infinite Creative Being of Unlimited Creative possibility.  What will you create?  Don’t ask how.  Ask what you would like to create.  Imagine it.  See it.  See all the details of it, every aspect and facet of what you would like to do, be, have and experience.  If any limits, doubts or invalidations come to your mind as you imagine what you are creating, notice they are in past time.  They do not exist.  They are images from the past haunting your mind.  Let them go and keep creating, imagining and having.  If any fears come to mind as you are creating, notice they are in the future.  They do not exist.  They are images in future time haunting your mind.  Let them go as well.  Only the Present exists.

When we let go of stuck energy, old energy, past time energy, we start to encounter another kind of fear.  The more we are in Present Time, the more we are in the Presence of Love, that which is Eternal.  The Presence of Love, Unconditional Love, Total all-encompassing and complete, is incredible, miraculous, wondrous, and…a little scary.  Fears of annihilation, of losing ourselves, of not existing, all arise in the presence of Love and Eternity.  The Ego, the separate identity, is threatened by that which is not separate.  The ego, which doesn’t exist in Truth, is constantly afraid of not existing.  It’s hilarious really!

Let yourself be amused by the struggle of the Ego to cling to the past, where you are mired in guilt, shame or regret, or grasp for the future, where you are afraid of what isn’t.  Choose again to be in present time.  Be in and with the Eternal Presence of Love.  And Create from there.  You do not need to solve or figure out the how.  Spirit knows.  And you will know when you allow space for Spirit to Be.  Listen and receive through your intuitive mind.  Trust yourself.

Creating in Present Time is owning your freedom, your unlimited power to have and be and experience whatever you imagine.  All you have to do is choose it.  Own it.  Have it.  And Express it.  Enjoy Creating Beautiful Beings!!

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