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I love to play fun, happy music and dance with my baby. One of our favorite children’s albums to listen to during this joyful ritual has a song that is essentially a blessing of peace to all. The loving energy of the song inspires many blissful moments for us, as the singer, Snatam Kaur, sings from a heart full of God. She sings of how “the sun shines on everyone: it doesn’t make choices.” And how “when we pray, we pray for everyone: we don’t make choices.” These lines always trail in my mind, leading to other thoughts about the importance of making choices in life.

In the song, the line “we don’t make choices” refers to giving and sharing with all, and not excluding or selecting out anyone from your sharing of divine love. When I hear that one line repeat alone in my head, though, it sounds confusing…We don’t make choices? Of course we do! is my next thought… our lives here on earth are all about choices. It’s a funny line really. The words in lyrics are often chosen by how they fit rythmically, and how they flow poetically. They are metaphorical, not necessarily literal. I understand what is meant in this song: that love is to be given to everyone, without exception. Her choice of words, however, can be misleading when the part of the chorus “don’t make choices” repeats in your mind after the song is over.

We all make choices, every day, every moment, but what are we really choosing? What are our choices about? Why do we sometimes think “I don’t have a choice,” or have difficulty choosing for fear of making the “wrong” decision? There’s really a lot of energy on this thing we call choice!

When making any decision, or reflecting on choices made, it’s important to recognize the different levels of choosing. In form, in the world of physicality, we seem to have a myriad of choices, a multitude of “things” to choose from. In western culture, especially, we are bombarded by millions of options for our food, entertainment, electronic tools and toys. There is so much to choose from! And then, of course, there are all the decisions about direction and goals in our life–how and with whom we spend our time. Our choices in this realm can often be complex, having many factors to consider, possible outcomes to ponder and repercussions to ruminate. Our choices on this level can fill our mind with many “what if’s” and uncertainty if we are not also aware of the most basic and true source of our choosing.

In Spirit, there is no choice, there simply IS. This is the level which Snatam Kaur’s children’s song was referring to. Our only choice in regards to Spirit is to accept, or have, that which is, that which we already are, or not. We can attempt to choose not to have Spirit, thereby making up multitudes of illusions of fear. Our choice against Spirit does not, and cannot, change, affect or eliminate It, but it does effect our experience here in the world and the complex choices we make here. If we make the choice that cannot be, the choice against Spirit, we are choosing for and with fear. If we choose to accept and have Spirit, that which we are, we are choosing for and with Love. This is a simple choice, one or the other, but the joke is that the “other”(fear) does not actually exist, and since you can’t choose what isn’t, there really isn’t a choice! There’s just Spirit, All, Love, Wholeness, Oneness. 🙂

Ah, but back to the world of multiplicity, duality and complexity that we appear to be in…where there are so many choices and so much to discern. How can we know what is the right decision on this level of form? Should I take this job or do that instead? Should I continue dating this person or see someone else? Will I attend this event or make these other plans? There are many important decisions in life, and yet, the most important aspect of any decision is to recognize first where you are choosing from. The first decision is to choose from Love, from That Which Is, or from fear, from that which isn’t. When we choose from Love, our decision will bring or extend peace, joy, well-being, harmony, freedom, healing, validation, and of course Love! When we choose from Love, all the details–the “fine print” of our decision in the world–become clear and simple. When we choose from Love, we have certainty and peace of mind, we have clarity and ease. If there is doubt, guilt, shame or anxiety, it is a sure sign that we have chosen from fear.

Fortunately, we can always choose again! Each time we notice worry, uneasiness, uncertainty, guilt, anything like this, we can go back and choose Love: choose to have That Which Is, that which We Are. From there we may remake or keep our decision about something in the world. But, once we have chosen to have that decision in and from Love, we can be certain our decision in form will bring more peace to our mind, regardless of what it is. Yay! That’s fantastic! 🙂

Ultimately, all choice boils down to love or fear, Truth or illusions. The way to recognize what we’ve chosen is to notice if we are at peace within ourselves or not. If we are not, we can choose again and restore peace to our awareness by choosing Love. In this way we can also make all of our choices here in the world, from the daily details to the major life decisions, with greater ease and certainty. When we first choose Love, the rest follows gracefully.

“Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.” The Kingdom is Love, Truth, Reality, Oneness, That Which Is. Choose to have this, and your road here will be clear. May we all remember the choice for Love in all of our choices.

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