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Miracles Abound

posted by jean July 2, 2010 0 comments

What an amazing year this is. Just one month into 2010, and I’m feeling a whole new sense of peace, grace and ease happening this year. And miracles. Like beautiful sweet surprises that tickle my heart and make me smile inside and out, miracles happen each moment I remember to notice them.

Sometimes we forget to notice miracles, and so we think they are rare or special. A friend and fellow healer reminded me recently that remembering to see and acknowledge all the miracles everyday makes more space for more miracles. He shared how he was practicing becoming more aware of them in his daily life, and how fun and profound it is to really notice the abundance of gifts we are given, but usually ignore or fail to see. He inspired me to take more notice, be more present and grateful throughout each day for what we might usually call “all of the little things.” And so I did. Here’s what I found.

Miracles abound! 🙂 They are everywhere and every moment. Like what? you may say…what happened? Big things are happening, and small things too. But the thing about miracles is that there is no difference between big and small. They just happen. They are. When we’re able to see that there is no difference between having a friend call to offer help when we need it and receiving an unsolicited check in the mail for the exact amount of money needed to purchase a new house, we know that miracles are the ever-presence of grace being received in our lives. A miracle is always being given, and we choose to have it, to receive it, by opening our mind to Truth, to the recognition of wholeness and oneness.

Miracles really aren’t about what we happen to “get” in form. Although what we receive in form can be truly wonderful and helpful. Miracles are about restoring our mind to wholeness, releasing perceptions of division and attachments to separation. Miracles are quite natural, and not as special or far-fetched as we are used to believing them to be. They seem rare only when we are in the habit of seeing the world as separate from ourselves and real. Miracles come when we see the world for what it is: a dream made up of our thoughts. When we see through the eyes of Spirit, or through a lens of forgiveness and awareness, we see miracles everywhere. And they come like a stream of happy moments that need no explanation and have nothing to do with our circumstances. Miracles are like poetry and art, they don’t have to make sense, and they are best recognized through our intuition.

I’ve chosen again to commit to having more miracles, to recognizing the miracle each moment. There’s a wave of transformation that follows this decision, and it can be intense! Fear transforms into enthusiastic willingness and openness, doubts melt in laughter, sadness and confusion dispel, and vibrant, radiant joy and creativity emerge. And it’s a dance. When I forget to acknowledge and receive the miracle, I wander into familiar and not so fun territory. My mind is busy, too busy, with meaningless thoughts. But then, Ah Grace! I remember the joy and freedom of the miracle. Sweet! And my mind returns to clarity, serenity and wholeness.

I’m making miracles my meditation, my daily walking, waking, busy-being-a-mother meditation. My motivation is joy and peace of mind, for that is what the miracle offers. And I’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by what appears in my world too. That’s the fun thing about miracles: the more miracles we have, the happier the dream.

May this year be full of happiness and sweet dreams as we see the miracles we are always given.

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