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A Blogging we will go…!!

posted by jean September 3, 2007 0 comments

Ahh, I have entered the world of blogging!  With great amusement and enthusiasm, I write this first blog.  May the laughter and joy spread to you as you witness my entry into the world of Blog.   Where <em>did</em> that word come’s hilarious!

As this is a beginning for me (of blessed adventures and new connections!), I am looking at the energy of new beginnings, and celebrating the creativity, courage and playful enthusiasm it takes to choose new beginnings.   Each day, each moment, is a new beginning, although we may not always actively <em>choose</em> to <em>have</em> the new beginning, the potentiality and miracle of each day, each moment, is there for us to receive.

Today I am witnessing the fruits of choosing to receive the miracle of each moment.  This blog is born out of my choice to listen to the voice that speaks in the miracle of the moment, and to follow that voice into new and ever-present beginnings.  The energy of new beginnings, as I see it now, is Innocence, Trust, Receptivity, Openness, and Willingness to act upon Guidance.  As I step into that space of new beginnings, with the eager, enthusiastic willingness and innocence of a child, I see each step with clarity and fearlessness.  And, following each step is a joyous adventure into the delightful gifts, miraculous surprises and the next new beginning.

May the new beginning that is today, that is the moment, Bless you with the Joy and Trust of Innocence, the Grace of Guidance and the Ease of receptivity in action.

Welcome to the Heart of Wholeness Blog, and Thank You for witnessing this new beginning with me!

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