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Newness and Change

posted by jean March 1, 2009 0 comments

Isn’t it exciting when so much change is happening, and you feel the flutter of creativity, positivity, hope and renewal in the air?! I’ve really been enjoying the energy of the collective on the planet lately. Barack Obama’s recent inauguration was certainly a large part of the enthusiastic celebration energy in the world, but I see it as symbolic of a much greater change taking place as well.

A feeling of renewal or newness is stirring our collective dream into greater awakeness. For many, this looks or feels like a longing or willingness to start afresh in their lives, change old habits, renew commitments to Self, or transform their entire outlook on life. For others there is an inner calling to break from the past and really show up in their lives. However you experience the energy of newness, know that it is here to bless you with inner strength, hope, trust and certainty in your abilities to create, transform and become who you truly are.

What I’ve noticed amidst this sense of renewal is an often challenging beginning stage, where many people get stuck in discouragement, confusion and fear. After an initial boost of enthusiasm, commitment and clarity, many hit a wall of energy and lose sight of that great joy and enthusiasm for change and newness. This “wall of energy,” although it is not real, seems very real, threatening and even debilitating. It is a collection of thoughts that say “You can’t do that,” and “But look what happened in the past,” and “What do you think you’re doing anyway?” Doubt, fear and a sense of lack and helplessness can crowd the mind and hinder us from knowing the power of our will to choose Spirit and be free from this fear. When we choose Spirit–choose Good–we remove our power from that “wall of fear” and give it to the unlimited, all-Loving, free and fearless Self that is always in communion with God. With that Self, the fear disappears.

With the tide of newness in the air, people’s perceptions of what is possible are beginning to change as well. Perhaps there is even a greater sense that anything is possible. Indeed, it is. And with this sense in limitless possibility comes a greater understanding of ourSelves, for, in Truth, we are limitless. When we know that we are limitless, infinite, immortal Spirit, we are less likely to believe in, or become the effect of, thoughts of fear, resistance, limitation or lack. When we know that we are always free, no matter what the outer circumstances appear to be, we are empowered to follow our inner guidance, make dramatic changes in our personal lives if need be, be creative and express ourselves, and respond to our inner callings with greater certainty. We are also free to love, without fear, limitation or condition.

The change and newness happening in our world and in our lives is a sign of our choice to have and be the limitless, fearless, free and joyful Being of Spirit. I embrace and celebrate this newness with gratitude and enthusiasm. And I encourage you to look at what changes you have been making, are currently making, or would like to make. Validate your choices for positive change, and celebrate the energy of newness that connects you with your creativity and enthusiasm.

Fortunately, there is a lot of help and support for us to choose Spirit, always, and it is especially tangible right now. The energy of newness is the energy of the Holy Spirit: alive, inspiring, creative, loving, innocent and enthusiastic. It is the energy of “Anything is possible!” and “Yes!” May you know and experience the continuous blessings of the Holy Spirit now and always!

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