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This week I’m dog-sitting for a delightfully enthusiastic Border Collie named Bonnie Lass. What a lovely creature! So full of Life and fun and play, she communicates with gentleness and peace, and really knows how to play ball! She’s been very patient with me, too. For a couple days I wasn’t feeling well enough to run around outside. But, this morning, we’re back in action.

Bonnie Lass and I went for a long walk-and-play in the park early this morning. I love morning walks, because this is often the time when I connect the deepest with Truth and stillness, and hear the inspiration that comes from that spaciousness. As we walked, I was blessed with a sudden and wonderful Thought: the Holy Spirit’s voice sung clearly in my mind, “You’re Being is cherished and held in the infinite Love of God.” Aaahhh. My whole body, mind and being relaxed deeply into the blessed presence of this Thought. I say Thought because this was not like the meaningless thoughts that run through our mind incessantly: this was not coming from the analyzer–the little “thought machine” in our minds. And this Thought was not experienced as a thought the mind thinks. 🙂 It was felt, sensed, known by my entire Being in an everlasting moment of recognition. And it had an effect on me similar to the mouth on cotton candy: I melted and dissolved. My heart burst open even more, and tears of Gratitude washed my face.

As I became aware again that I was walking the dog, that I actually had a body with a leash in one hand and a ball in the other, I sang a mantra of Thank You to God, and to all the Awakened Ones. I sang in gratitude for how perfectly cared for we are, no matter what appears to be going on in the world. I sang in gratitude for the Voice that came through so clearly and Blessed me with Remembrance. And as I looked over the valley, at the rolling green hills and the misty clouds and the snow-tipped mountains and the budding trees, I sang in gratitude for the Beauty that reminds us of Truth.

And now, this gratitude remains. It will remain always, as long as I remember the Self, the Christ, the Love that we are.

My prayerful intention today is that we all remember this in every moment. That we allow the Voice, the Holy Spirit to be heard in our minds. That we allow the stillness to speak to us so that we always know how precious, loved, loving, safe, beautiful, whole, innocent, infinite and perfect We truly are. May we never forget this, and may this Truth guide our every step as we awaken the dream.

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