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Time and Eternity

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Since I’ve written last, the miracles have certainly been present in my life. And, yes, I have to be always present with life in order to recognize them in each moment. I’ve found this especially important for me when it comes to the all illusive game of time that we all play with.

Time…keeps on slippin, slippin’..into the future (I’m hearing that fun and groovy tune as I write 🙂 ) With a 9 month old active baby boy to care for, time seems ever more to slip out of my grasp. The days, weeks and months fly by, as he grows quickly into the next stage of development, just as I’ve gotten familiar with the last. My time is consumed by the everyday needs of my children and family, as I search for moments here and there for mySelf, and for nurturing my inner sanctuary and my creative projects. If I forget, which I often do!, to be ready and open for the miracle each moment, I get lost in a battle that’s already lost with time and myself. I seem to never have enough time for all those things: the to-do list that grows and grows. Inspired ideas become buried in the fog of daily busy-ness. How can I possibly create space and time for everything, as time seems to speed up more and more?!

Aaaah. Breathe. There is infinite time, and infinite space. That’s what the miracle reveals. I don’t have to be prisoner to time. I can be free!

Freeing ourselves from the illusory constraints in our lives, such as time, can be as easy as remembering that they are illusory. But how do we do that? Especially when they seem so real? How do we have “all the time in the world” when there seems to never be enough time? We can’t just ignore what appears to limit us, saying “oh well, it’s not real, so..whatever.” We still have to make a living, pay the bills, have relationships, care for our body, follow the basic rules of having a body on planet earth. Freedom does not come from ignoring perceived limits, or from fighting against them.

Instead, freedom comes from looking at limits, at anything, with the eyes of forgiveness. Look right at limits, including time, with the knowing that appearances cannot alter your Being, which is free and eternal. By accepting time and other perceived limits for what they are, by allowing them to be there, giving them space and permission to be the illusions they are, we simultaneously give ourselves space to Be. Give yourself permission and space to be no matter what else appears to be. Allow yourself to be with the appearances, not resisting the limits you are encountering, accept yourself.

Recognize time, and any other perceived limit, as part of the nature of the world you temporarily appear to be in, but are never and have never been of. If you were of this world, you would indeed be bound, confined, trapped and forever stuck in an endless cycle of birth and death, growth and decay. You would indeed need to work harder and harder to achieve something that would always be just out of your reach. You would be defined by the limits of time and space. But, fortunately, you’re not!! Yay!

You are of God. You are Christ, the Son (or Daughter, really you have no gender or twoness 😉 of God. You are Whole, Pure, Innocent, Limitless, Eternal. You are the Essence of God: Joy, Peace, Love. You are the breath of God. You are the Beingness of God. You are beyond these words that are merely symbols and limits in themselves. You are infinitely powerful and creative. You are.

So how do we remember our Divinity? How do we remember our limitless, eternal, all-powerful and creative Self when the world slaps us in the face, when we feel as though we can’t accomplish something, or we’re failing, or we’ll never be able to (fill in the blank), or we don’t have (fill in the blank)? Even if we don’t feel our freedom and limitlessness, we must be able to know it. And we do know it, because it’s who we are. We can always know who we are if we choose, because we can never really hide from ourselves. Just like you can’t tell a dog not to be a dog, and you can’t tell a tree to stop being a tree, and you can’t tell a mountain not to be a mountain; You can try, but the dog will keep on being a dog, and the tree will keep on being a tree, and the mountain will keep on being a mountain, because that’s what it is.

And You are eternal, free and unlimited Spirit, so no matter how much the world and all of it’s appearances tries to tell you otherwise, you are and will always Be. Isn’t that fantastic?! I love that! Can you feel my enthusiasm?! 🙂 Your knowing comes from who you are. Your feeling comes from your interaction with the world, with what appears to be. Therefore, feeling is easily affected. It is the effect. While you and your knowing are the cause.

Think of time as the effect: it’s part of this world of perception. And then think of You, Eternity, as Cause. How does Eternity effect time? Well, time disappears in eternity. Time does not exist in eternity. Eternity just Is. So how “in the world” do you, eternity, become the effect of time? How do we somehow experience things backwards?

It’s laughable! Really! That we could think “Hmmm, what would it be like if I could not be, if I were not what I am?” That absurd, laughable thought is why the universe in all of its backwardness appears to be. Fortunately, the more we remember what really Is, the more we laugh at the absurdity of thinking that what Is could be Isn’t, the more our perceived limits, problems, and reversals of cause and effect disappear into the nothingnesss that they are. Phew! What a relief! LOL!

In the meantime, as the whole big illusory mess undoes itself, as it must, since it isn’t, LAUGH! What a joke we’ve played on ourselves!!

Aren’t we hilarious?!

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