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A Brief Origin Story

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In my early 20’s, as a young, single mom, I found myself without the means to provide for my child’s needs, even though I had a college degree and plenty of creativity.  We were living in extremely tenuous situations, surviving day to day, sometimes moving every week or month. I needed to step up by game big time to provide and be the parent and person I knew I could be.  But I had an extreme aversion to the world, the culture that lacked creativity and freedom, and the competition, control and scarcity I saw everywhere.  I wanted to avoid the world, but I needed to be in it in order to show up fully for my son.  Even living in lush and gorgeous Hawaii, where I felt I could escape the world, I could not escape Life or mySelf.

With almost no money and no idea if our living situation was going to work out much longer, I followed my son’s urge to go into a building that had balloons and a “psychic faire” sign out front.  “Look, go there, mama!” As soon as I entered, I felt an immediate sense of familiarity and affinity with whatever was going on in there. “I’ve never been here or done this before, but somehow I Do know what’s happening here, and I like it,” I thought.  I knew I had stumbled upon my next step. I know, now, that my guides were supporting me in finding this next step, and I am so grateful!

Lisa, one of the directors at the center, invited me to receive a reading.  A few days later I found myself back at the center, receiving a reading from Lisa.  She pointed out things about me and where I was at in life that were spot on, validating, and a huge eye opener.  I was living very much below my level of capability and creativity as a Soul.  “You are so much more capable than you realize, and you are a really big healer!” Lisa told me, “There are thousands of people in your aura, because you are healing them without realizing it.”  “Whaat? Really?! She’s just saying that to make me feel better…but, is that why I feel so tired and confused a lot?!” I thought. “You’re all signed up for psychic tools classes, Jean, it was great to meet you.” Lisa informed me.  “Oh no,” I thought, “how will I go to classes when I have my son to take care of, and how will I pay?”

As I was walking out the door, Lisa called to me “Oh, Jean, you’re cleaning Dan’s house this weekend, right?  That will pay for the classes.  And you’re welcome to bring your son and have him in the reading room during class.  We have lots of art supplies in there if he’d like to draw.”  “Thank You!”  I said, in awe at how quickly and smoothly my doubts had been erased. Lisa looked at me one more time as if to say “You got this.” And it wasn’t as much the telepathic words, as the certainty and clarity she exuded with her reassurance.  She saw me.  And by truly seeing Me, and communicating directly to my Soul, right where I was, about who I was and where I was heading, I felt inspired to come more fully into my body and my Life.  In being seen, I knew myself more. I knew that I could take my next steps, and really have them.

Saying Hello to Spirit, validating Spirit, seeing each person as the Soul that they are, inspired every step in my life after that moment.  I continued to learn and grow, studying with even more impactful teachers and mentors, and always returning to my own inner guidance and Awareness.  Once my awareness of Beingness and Spirit was restored in my body, I could navigate life, not without challenges, but with grace and certainty so that I could meet every obstacle with creativity, trust and amusement.  Even just learning to really ground changed my life profoundly, but I had so much more to learn, and continued on my path of learning with much enthusiasm. I love growing into more of who I Am! After 20 years, I continue to awaken more fully as Spirit in this body-mind.  And my path as a healer, teacher and mother is one of continuous learning: to have miracles, and the joy and freedom inherent in my Being.

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