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I’m Back…Whew!, Choosing Wholeness again

posted by jean November 26, 2007 0 comments

Aah, it’s good to be back! Where’d I go? Oh, let’s just say away from computer-land for a while. I thought about all the lovely posts I could create over the holydays and into the New Year, full of the Joy of Christ and the miracles of that sparkly time of year. But, instead I chose to take a long break from computer-land, as I love to call it. Yes, a whole new and seemingly endless world opens up when we surf the web. So many possibilities! We can make universes of social circles and inter-connecting networks of communication. This is great fun, and truly a gift for expanding our horizons in this world! And yet, it’s easy to dive in and forget to “come up for air”, to join with the stillness, quietness and Truth of our Being. Balance is key. This winter has gifted me with opportunities for more balance. Time for “work” and time for play. Time to go inward, and time to bring the Light from within “out” to the world. Time to rest and time to go, go, go! Time to speak and time to listen. The balance I’d like to create is the right in-between space of Now. Now is where I nurture Self while I nurture “others”, give as I receive, listen as I am being heard, see as I am being seen. Because in the Now, there is no space and time, there is no separation between us. In Now, I give to the all, and so I receive. In Now, I listen to the All, and so I am heard. In Now, the vision of the All is given, and so I see and am seen. And so, Now, I choose balance. I choose again to have the Wholeness I am, from which true balance is recognized, given and received.I am so happy, so grateful, for the many reminders to choose again to have What I Am. It’s so simple. When I notice imbalance in my life, I choose again my wholeness, which is absolute balance, completion, fullness. And so, when I seem to have no time for rest, or not enough time for work, or feel too tired to play with my son, or seem to be traveling too much to stay connected with friends at home… Whatever it is that appears to be out of balance is really a Reminder, an opportunity to forgive and choose again. Choose Wholeness, choose Now. Choose divinity. Choose Spirit. Choose That Which Gives, That which is unlimited, That which IS.Yay!!!May you always recognize the gifts in any experience of “imbalance”. May you always know it as a reminder, a gift that appears, reminding you to choose Wholeness again, and then disappears.Isn’t that great!!Try it! ; )Namaste

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