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When Things Fall Apart

posted by jean November 11, 2008 0 comments

What an exciting time of transformation we are all taking part in!  It’s not every lifetime you get to watch the planet go through such massive change!  Congratulations for signing up to be a part of it!  Woohoo!

As you can tell, I’m feeling rather enthusiastic about the current state of affairs in our world.  The appearance of so much falling apart–economic collapse, political facades crumbling, personal crisis intensifying–shows us we’re at the end of a very big cycle, and ready for a new world.   Things fall apart when they need to, in order to clear the way for the new.  “Out with the old, in with the new” is literally what is taking place all around us on a grand scale.   Humanity has been realizing more and more that the way we’ve been operating on this planet for so long just isn’t feasible: it’s not sustainable, it’s not loving, it’s not in balance, and it’s not truthful.  Humanity has also been asking for something better, something much different, something that reflects a greater sense of sharing, caring, peace and prosperity, for all of us.  And what our collective heart has been asking for is now coming into fruition.

This is cause for celebration!  On the surface, we may only notice the chaos of the current collapsing systems, and feel the fear, panic, doubt and disappointment this brings up.  However, if we look beneath the surface, it is very apparent that what’s happening is a clearing of the slate, so to speak.  What’s happening is simply a very huge house cleaning.  And this house cleaning is so long over due that we’re discovering some pretty nasty, old, rotting, decomposing trash and what-not in the basement and the backs of the closets that take a bit of time and emotional resources to remove. 🙂  This part may not seem like much fun, but it can be when we remember what it’s for.  When we remember that it’s all happening in order to clear the space for a very new, clean and bright “house,”  then it really is cause for celebration.

When things fall apart, we can choose to focus on what’s falling apart, and how horrible that might appear or feel in our experience, or we can choose to focus on what’s coming in to take it’s place.  When we focus on the new, the emerging beautiful bud of our next step, we stay in that space of enthusiasm, joy, surrender, peace and grace.  We can then be present with what is–the seeming chaos of collapse all around us–and be full of peace and love, rather than fear.  When things fall apart, we can rejoice and say “Yay!  I must be ready for something new, different and much better!”

The world is ready for something new, different and much, much better.  The hearts of humanity have opened enough to birth a more loving reality here.  That loving reality is now taking form, and old systems based on fear are crumbling in the face of the greater awareness of Love here on the planet.  Fear dissolves in the face of Love, and so old systems, whether economic, political, social or personal, are now dissolving in the face of Love.   This is sometimes the painful part the transformation:  the part where fear and resistance dig in their heals and say “No! I can’t take it!”  But if we surrender, if we say “Yes!  Let’s have something new and beautiful! Let’s welcome the Truth!”  we will sail through the enormous changes with greater ease, grace and peace.  And we will be open to the many blessings and opportunities available to us as something new and much, much better emerges.

We will be open to receive the tremendous Love that Is.

May we all have this change and allow things to fall apart…for only unTruth falls apart, and That Which Is is everlasting.

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