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Your Greatest Superpower

posted by jean March 19, 2021 0 comments

When we think of superpowers, images of superhuman strength often come to mind,  like flying, telekinesis or instant manifestation.   Sometimes we honor our unique, useful traits that enable us to meet all that life brings us, especially the difficulties, as our superpower.   Yet, every one of us has a hidden superpower that provides immeasurable advantage both on our spiritual path and in our daily life.  We each have the ability to trust our Self.

You may think of trust as too subtle or even weak to be called a superpower.  Or you may not even have noticed how much you already trust yourself, and how much that trust supports you in having clarity, certainty, will, inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity.  In fact, an excellent barometer for gauging how much you trust yourself is to observe how much of these you experience in your life.  Are you often confused or uncertain of your direction or choices?  Do you often lack certainty, inspiration, or the will to follow through on your vision?  Do you lack enthusiasm and creative drive?

If not, validate that you have great trust in yourself.  Celebrate that and continue to nurture that trusting relationship with your Self.  If you do often experience uncertainty, lack of creative inspiration or follow-thru, there is also cause for celebration, because now you are bringing that to your awareness, and you can choose to give yourself the gift of Trust.  Know that any time you experience doubt, you have a great opportunity to shift your relationship with yourself.  You can bring your awareness to the energy of Trust.  You can choose to have Trust.  And you can receive all the Joy and Ease that trusting yourself provides.

Trusting Yourself is Trusting God.  Not because you are God, but because Trusting yourself is Trusting your connection to All that Is.  You are in God and God is in You.  You are not separate from God.  Therefore, in order to Trust God, you must Trust Yourself.  And, in order to Trust Yourself, you must Trust God.  It’s simple, of course, but not always easy!

When we find ourselves doubting, worrying, fearful or uncertain, we often react by seeking something we perceive as strong outside of us:  a family member, an authority figure, our most supportive and trusted friend.  Sometimes we fill the void of fear and doubt with a vice or distraction.  Whatever the case, we can always choose to acknowledge the doubt and fear, and bring our attention to Trust.  And, while having the support of our close community is helpful (indeed, community and support are valuable!), we can notice where the balance lies in how much of our power and authority we are outsourcing, and how much we are giving our own inner guidance the final say.

Trusting yourself does not mean you don’t have supportive conversations with your close friends or family about important matters, and receive their loving guidance, feedback, encouragement and validation.  Trusting yourself means you are able to have the support of loved ones or authority figures on important matters, AND you also have your certainty, validation and appreciation for your knowingness, your inner guidance and your inner divinity.  When you trust yourself, you seek within for answers, and you know who the loved ones are in your life that also trust themselves enough to trust you and honor your inner knowing.

Claim your quiet and triumphant superpower of Trust and watch your life transform with miracles!

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