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like a hummingbird

posted by jean April 25, 2013 0 comments

There is
so much emotion spilling
from my heart
every day lately
I have become
like a hummingbird
heart fluttering with excitement
passion and bursting
for the next flower of song emerging
from my heart
every day lately
a rushing scream wants to break
through another layer of “hide it”
“keep it inside, it’s too much for people
it’s too much for you
it’ll hurt
people don’t want to feel their pain
keep it in like they do
or they’ll come and get you
and blame you
shame you
dissect you
and leave you
alone and humiliated
if you let them see you, all of you
that fierce Joy, that outrageous enthusiasm
that big Heart that Loves
and wants others to know
they are Love
and need not suffer
they may not take their eyes off you
you’ll be a spectacle, you’ll be needed
too adored to be human
too worshiped to have faults
the expectations will pile on like a cage”
But you’re free! sings the Heart
why don’t you sing about it?
even if there’s tears
sing through them
do hummingbirds fly in the rain?
perhaps they hide out and wait for the sun
to return
I imagine even still
they are fluttering
even still
their hum is constant
like the ever flying Heart
like the Hum that Is
a constant song
from the ever singing Heart
which gladly dispels all disharmony
by singing to it
and through it
You are Loved
I Love You
I Am

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