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In celebration of the exciting and powerful eclipses we’re experiencing this month, I’ve decided to return to my blog, after hibernating for some time. My 6 week old son, Seren, sits next to me, chirping and singing and kicking. He’s reclining in his “calming vibrations” chair, and I’m thinking, we could all use a calming vibrations chair! Eclipses offer us a powerful opportunity for healing. With these eclipses, however, there is no refusing the offer; change is happening. Deep, lasting, positive change. And the rumblings can be felt at our very core.

For me, the healing is taking place especially on the family level. My “home space”, both my physical home and family space, and my connection to our eternal, true Home and Christ family, is being deeply cleansed. Old and hidden patterns of projection, blame and denial are surfacing and unveiling. The mind is rumbling with release, as Light and Truth penetrate deeper through illusions. Where I have withheld love from my partner, family, my Self, I am seeing the fear and pain of this withholding and returning, through forgiveness, to the wholeness of Self, Love and Unity. Where I have fallen into complacency, apathy or neglect, this Eclipse time is serving as a jolting reminder to wake up again. Don’t fall asleep. Remember your diligence and vigilance for Spirit!

What I like about the eclipses is that they can be experienced as a gentle influx of powerful energy. Although many experience their intensity with difficulty and major disruption, joyous and miraculous transformation is also possible. Our attitude and response to the healing energy represented by the eclipses makes our experience what it is. We can respond with enthusiasm and experience happy surprises and blissful blessings. Or we can respond with ignoring/ignorance and experience fear and stuckness. We can respond with gratitude and experience wonderful miracles and deep Love. Or we can respond with resistance and experience pain and frustration. Fortunately, the choice is ours. That’s what Free Will is all about: our power to accept what is, and choose Spirit, or reject/resist what is, and deny God. One restores the Peace that Is to our awareness, the other separates us, in our experience, from the Joy that Is eternally. In other words, the healing of the eclipse doesn’t have to come through in intense waves that knowck us over and fill us with anxiety. We can sit in our own calming vibrations chair 🙂 by remembering to respond with gratitude and enthusiasm, like a child receiving a great gift.

During the past year, since the eclipses of last August, my home family has grown in number from two to four. Love has grown rapidly in my life, not only in the family that surrounds me and gives me daily opportunities to love, forgive, grow and heal, but also in my relationship with Self, with the family that we all are in Christ, in Oneness. I am reminded during these eclipses to be more aware of my ever-present connection to All, and to see Christ in everyone. My immediate family, those I see and relate with daily, often represent the most hidden places within that I have failed to Love. Gratefully, I have been eclipsed! Veils that hid the light of awareness from areas where love was withheld are opening, and Love is more fully present, between us and within us.

May you, like a child, sit in a chair of calming vibrations, like the hand of God, surrounded and filled with the Love of the Christ family. May the fullness and Joy of Love enter each dark corner of your mind and your being, and restore your awareness and experience of the Wholeness and Peace that you are.

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