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What about Meditation?

posted by jean November 9, 2018 0 comments

Meditation has played a central, crucial and profound role in my life.  In the midst of one of the most deeply challenging and painful times in young adulthood, at about age 25, having never meditated beyond a few moments of silence in yoga classes or contemplative retreats, I woke before dawn, sat in front of a window overlooking the steep Kona slopes and the dark ocean below, and I meditated.  Without planning this, and without thinking about it, I entered a deep and prolonged state of awareness, peace, certainty and Presence.  Although I had no training or guidance in the realm of meditation in this lifetime, I knew it was exactly what was needed, and I knew meditation .  The pivotal moment when I looked around myself, at my life and what I was creating, or not creating, and chose with utter commitment to look within and own my creative power, everything changed.  Very soon after that morning of deep and effortless connection with my inner Beingness, I met the first of several teachers I learned and received guidance from, and my path of Self knowing unfolded from there.

One of the things I’ve noticed about meditation is that the depth of inner connection and awareness continues to grow.  And, simultaneously, the world’s resistance to awareness grows in direct proportion to the depth of awareness.  Giving yourself the space to be, to go within and simply Be with your Self  includes overcoming the hurdles of distraction and resistance.  The busyness and outer demands of our lives often pull us away from our true priorities, and the inertia of resistance pulls us in every direction but inward.

The key to establishing and continuing to create space for meditation in this busy worshipping world is consistency and commitment.  The commitment you are making is to yourself, to your inner Beingness, and to your own spiritual growth and awakening.    We are also constantly bombarded with the invalidation of Spirit, with the message that we need to keep trying harder to make things happen, fix or solve something, and that our value is determined by what we are doing.  In a society of Doers, it is revolutionary to choose to simply Be, and allow the inspired doing to emerge from that powerful Being.

Everything starts from within.  We know this, and yet we often continue to allow ourselves to become the effect of the world, our personal circumstances, and the contents of our mind. Meditation, specifically clairvoyant meditation, reestablishes yourself as Cause rather than Effect.  Meditation re-centers your creative power so that rather than reacting to and becoming the energy you encounter every day, you can respond creatively with awareness, forgiveness and inspiration.  You can choose to have ownership of what you are creating and experiencing, how you relate to it, and how you relate to what others create.  You can re-own your creative power and awareness.

I love to share the incredible, yet simple, power of meditation.  This power is You, Your power, the innate, immense, radiant, unlimited power of your Beingness.  I invite you to explore the enormous possibilities available to you when you make a commitment to your Self by establishing a meditation practice.  Meditation can be any and every moment when we remember Who we really are and live from that place.  And, deepening our relationship with our Self often requires that we turn our attention completely inward, to the center of our Being, to the eternal Presence.  While there are many ways to deepen your relationship with yourself, I invite you to deepen into your eternal, unlimited Awareness, and explore what miracles await you there.

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