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Intuition: The Story of my Path

posted by jean February 21, 2018 0 comments

I’ve always had a strong connection to my Intuition.  Growing up, I used it in school all the time without realizing it.  It’s easy to ace a test when you can see your notes, or pages from a book, in your mind’s eye.  And it’s easy to ace a written report when you know exactly what the teacher is looking for.  But it wasn’t until I began to make major life decisions in early adulthood that I realized that having a strong connection to intuitive knowing, and following intuitive guidance, was not at all the norm.

In my late teens and early 20’s, I was already making unpopular decisions.  Family and friends assumed this was just a rebellious phase, at best, or worried that I was completely lost.  Throughout the last half of my college career, I knew I needed to go to Hawaii.  I almost quit college after each semester because I was very ready for this next step.  But I also knew I had to finish what I started with my college education.  So, right after graduation, I left the East Coast and made my way to Hawaii, where I lived for 4 years, until I knew I had to move back to the mainland.

Throughout the next decade, countless people asked me: Why did you move to Hawaii, and Why did you then move to Colorado?  My short answer to this was “The little birdie in my ear told me to.”  I’m sure some folks thought I was crazy, hearing birds talking to me 😀  At the time, this was the only way for me to explain intuition to them.  And I didn’t care if they thought I was crazy (I’m used to that 😉

The birdie is, of course, a metaphor.  I hear and see my inner guidance, sometimes as a voice in my ear, other times as images, and sometimes simply clear, strong knowing.  I don’t always follow that guidance well.  Sometimes I allow fear, distraction or resistance to hinder my response to Spirit’s guidance.  However, the more I follow it, the easier it is to notice when I am not.  Intuition always leads me to the people, places, and healing outcomes I never could have figured out or created otherwise.  When I’m not paying attention, and try to figure things out with my limited mind, the outcome is undue effort, stress, worry, seriousness and pain.   I’ve experienced over and over again that Intuition, the inner guidance system of Spirit, is absolutely trustworthy, and always leads me on a path of miracles.

Intuition allows us to follow Spirit’s guidance.  And Spirit always leads us, gently and joyfully, on a path of Grace and Miracles.  When we set aside our judgement, fear and control, and choose to listen to the subtle, powerful direction of our intuition, we are free to live a life of joy and wonder, receiving and sharing all the abundance, beauty and unlimited creativity of Spirit.

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