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It may seem ironic that after many months of not posting anything on my blog, I am returning to write about commitment. Or maybe it is actually the most appropriate post after a leave of absence. 🙂 Today I’ve created space to share on my blog again because when I write/share here, I really get to ground in a deeper level of the information I’ve been looking at and integrating within myself. Lately, it’s been all about commitment.

I’ve been looking at commitment as the catalyst for creative manifestation. Many of us have an enormous amount of creativity, a list of creative visions, projects and ideas we are wanting to manifest, forgotten dreams that never fully came to fruition, little and big things we’ve thought about bringing into form. I’ve noticed in others as well as myself, that many things we’re wanting to create remain just outside of physical reality in the world of fantasy, as swirling, ungrounded or confused, creative energy. After finally looking at this a little longer and deeper, I see that the one simple, yet profound and sometimes difficult, shift we can make to move the creative vision from fantasy to reality is commitment.

But what are we really committing to? For some of us, commitment is not the main hindrance, but over-commitment. Have we said Yes to so many things that we are moving in too many directions at once, or getting overwhelmed by too many steps being taken all at once? Not only do we need to look at where we may have over-committed ourselves, but where we are truly needing or wanting to commit that we have been avoiding or shying away from due to fear.

Once we become clear on what it is we are saying Yes to, and what we are letting go of, we can look deeper at how fully we are saying Yes. Have we really committed ourselves, or are we sitting in an uncertain, hesitant space of Maybe? In order to create, we need to be clear about what we are saying Yes to (our commitment), and what we are saying No to (what we are letting go of). And, we must be willing to see where we have been hiding in a Maybe. A fantasy happens when our thoughts create something that cannot come into form because there is not a complete Yes, a total commitment. The Maybe‘s that keep the fantasy going can be tricky to recognize: they are doubts, fears, unworthiness, competition/effort and uncertainty in disguise. Looking at these Maybe‘s is the key to having the powerful, miracle-producing Yes of commitment.

Our committed Yes gives space for the creative vision to come into manifestation. Our committed Yes clears the debris of the Maybe. This courageous commitment happens when we have looked right at the doubts, fears, feelings of unworthiness or not good enough, and seen the truth of our wholeness and power. Our commitment is the ownership of our power, our Grace, or divine worth, our wholeness. When we linger in Maybe‘s, we give our power away to the fears, doubts and uncertainty from which the Maybe arises. What looks like overcommitment is actually the result of Maybe‘s in disguise. If we are feeling overwhelmed, it’s a sure sign that we have some hidden Maybe’s at play. When we truly say Yes, our commitment clears the way for it, and we become clear about what steps to take when.

What really makes commitment such a powerful catalyst and grounding for our creativity is what we are actually committing to. When we have made a commitment to something, are we committing ourselves to the thing we are wanting to create, or to the source of creativity itself? Are we committing to the results of our creativity, or to the experience of allowing the creative source to move through us? When we first and always say Yes to the source of our divine power within, the commitment we make to creating anything cannot fail. With our Yes to divinity flows from our center all the creative power needed to manifest anything in this world. The commitment that flows from that is simply a re-committing, in each moment, both to that source within, and to our presence here.

Commitment places our creative power firmly on the ground. It allows us the patience to say: I will see this through, I will continue to be here, I trust and accept, I have my wholeness. And with that, all creations are complete.

May we commit to ourSelves, say Yes to our divine Source, and allow our creative power to manifest fully into our humanity.

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