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Enthusiasm for the New Year

posted by jean January 1, 2010 0 comments

We have arrived! It’s 2010, and the sense of limitless possibilities, unimaginable miracles, and all-things-possible is incredibly palpable. The air is full of excitement. My heart races with exuberant anticipation and grateful presence. Wow! What an amazing year this is: the year of having, the year of increasingly expanding havingness and receptivity.

Last night, as I ate dinner with my husband, I became aware of the immense excitement and anticipation in my heart, and in the hearts of many. Although I had a quiet New Years Eve, staying home with my baby, who’s experiencing his first cold, inwardly I was full of explosive celebration energy. It was indescribable, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. And I enjoyed it moment by moment. While I was also aware that enthusiasm and joyful anticipation are not everyone’s experience as the new year begins, I celebrated that, despite the worry, resistance and dread that many feel, there is a clear and powerful sense of extreme positivity and happy knowing about the miracles to come this year. This year brings the gift of mastery, creativity and collaboration. It’s going to be beautiful. It already is.

The question I’m hearing is: What are we having? What are we receiving? For many, the beginning of a new year comes with thoughts and questions of what the year will bring, what we’d like to create, what goals, dreams or resolutions we have, what agenda for our lives would we like to revisit or recreate. This is the time when we reflect on the past year and envision the next. But what is at the root of our reflection and vision? From where are we seeing ourselves in the past and future? Are we viewing our past through an image of resentment, lack or guilt? Are we in effort to change what we can’t accept, resisting what is so that our future is somehow better, less painful?

What if we decided to see ourselves, across all time, as innocent, whole, unlimited, and perfect just the way we are? What if we viewed the past through a lens of forgiveness, saw only the present, and anticipated the future with outrageous joy and enthusiasm? What if we accepted ourselves fully, gave ourselves space to Be, and simply Loved? Yippee!! That feels fantastic!

Enthusiasm, Joy, and the Grace of Knowing that is beyond the sense of hope all come with the simple choice to forgive ourselves, Love completely, and accept fully. When there is no aspect of ourselves, or the world, that we cannot completely give space to be and witness with full awareness, love and compassion, there is no doubt, worry or dread of what is to come. When we can give ourselves and eachother space to be Who we are and where we are on our journey to Being Who we are in the world, there is no sense of lack, needing to change, resistance to what is, or fear of not having. We simply know and have All. Enthusiasm is a sign that we know God, that we are choosing to give God space to Be in our lives, and that we are willing to Be the full expression of the power, creativity and limitlessness of our Divinity.

When we have enthusiasm, we are completely open, receptive, ready and willing to have the miracles given us in each moment. And, our enthusiasm is a contagious virus of happiness spreading to everyone we come into contact with, like slipping laughter pills into everyone’s drinks, or sneaking a reprogramming disk into everyone’s mind that says “All is Well, let’s celebrate eternity and peace!” When we have enthusiasm, people may not know why, they may not be able to understand or relate to our extreme state of joy and peace, but they will receive a healing, like a balm of surrender, whenever they open up just enough to wonder how we could be so happy.

My enthusiasm for this New Year comes with an awareness that no matter what it brings, a happy outcome is certain. No matter what chaos or insanity continues to lurk in the world, I can choose to forgive and have the peace, Grace and certainty of God. As time continues to appear to exist and move faster and faster, I’m enthusiastic about this fantastic opportunity to master the art of forgiveness, the art of living in the world but not of it. As ancient structures and systems of society continue to crumble, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to come into genuine connection and community with others, to co-create and collaborate, to have the immense power of our creativity manifest as a new world, where sharing, peace, prosperity, abundance, play, caring, giving, compassion, nurturing, cooperation and collective awakening are present in every level of our societies: families, communities and nations. I am enthusiastic about taking our next step in embodying/manifesting a world that reflects the essence of Truth: Joy, Peace and Love.

May 2010 bring you beautiful miraculous surprises, experiences of You beyond what you’ve imagined possible, and the deepest peace and knowing of God than ever before.

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