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no time not to love

posted by jean February 14, 2011 0 comments

Lately I’ve been experiencing a sense of greater and greater timelessness. It’s not every moment, just when I slow down enough inside to notice the truth. On the surface it seems that days and weeks, months and years are going by faster and faster. And during each day, I’m often bewildered by the speed of things and the un-graspable sense of urgency simmering below the surface of our busy lives.

It seems so many of us are living like hampsters, anxiously chasing our tails around in a glass box or on a squeaky treadmill. We’re racing around to get to the next appointment, the next goal, the next feel-good moment. I’m often caught up in this sticky game of chase-the-ghost-of-time. But more and more, I’m reminded to slow down, slow everything down inside, and become aware of timelessness.

From this expanded, serene space I can re-enter the seeming race, the chaotic symphony of a world on fire. From this space I can know, and I can be grounded. And from this space I can choose to love, all the time, no matter what thoughts and experiences pile up in my view.

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day we remember and celebrate love in its many forms. But the form of love that we are here to remember, and to choose in every moment, is the Love that is timeless, the Love that is Truth, the Love that is infinite, the Love that Is. On this day, I am reminded to celebrate the many ways I can express and embody Love.

The more we choose Love and share it, the more we recognize our timeless/infinite nature. Being in touch with our timeless/infinite Self shows us the reality of our freedom. When we own and celebrate this freedom, choosing love in every moment becomes easy and natural. When we operate from our freedom, we see that there is no time not to love, because love is our freedom. Choosing love all the time allows us to move at our own pace, to be at cause rather than the effect of the world spinning fast and furious.

This is my (long and happy) mantra today: breathe. slow down inside. notice your infinite Self shining and smiling in you always. celebrate this Love and freedom~ choose it, have it, own it, Be it, express it, and share it.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love Always,


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