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The Owl and the Deer

posted by jean March 25, 2008 0 comments

Happy Equinox! What a beautiful time of year it is here in Ashland. The trees are budding, daffodils are smiling, and everything is green, green, green!

I went for a walk last night, as the sun was setting, to enjoy the beauty of spring and the moist, fragrant air. And I received an unexpected and wonderful blessing! As I walked in Lithia Park, right near the playground, I heard the lovely cooing of an owl. Hoo-hooo, Coo-hooo, hoo-hoooo, so gentle, soft and soothing. My son immediately pointed out where the owl was. Hidden in an oak tree, which grows intertwined with a redwood, the small owl sat in its perch, it’s speckled feathers blending in with the color and texture of the tree. “It’s soo cute!” I marveled.

I adored the owl. I stood mesmerized, in love. I had such awe and adoration for this exquisite little creature. I imagined the owl was staring back at me, enjoying the deep meditative silence in our loving gaze. Most likely the owl was looking far past me to the setting sun, simply singing to the coming Spring and the dusk beauty. Either way, we had a nice connection, very tangible peace.

Eventually, heart overflowing with gratitude, I said goodbye to the owl and moved on down the path. The song of the creek was more crisp and playful than ever before. I was even more aware of and in unison with the breathing of life in the forest…the leaves, birds, rocks, soil and clouds, the air itself…We were alive with bubbly, gleeful spring energy. My breath deepened as I received the life force of the spring air, and my being expanded and showered Life with exhilerating appreciation for this Joyful Presence.

The gifts of this evening continued! I meandered through the Japanese gardens, (where I love to giggle with the faeries). Then I come upon the field of Sycamore trees (8×8 to be exact!). And there, frolicking and prancing about, were over a dozen deer! Oh! How amazing! So many deer simply playing together! They dashed about, hiding behind trees, chasing one another, jumping and running back and forth. The energy was pure Play! I just wanted to hug and kiss these deer, they were so yummy! And they were not at all concerned with my “intrusion”. I walked slowly through the playful scene, bursting with joy and laughter, thrilled to be witnessing such merriment.

Sure, it is mating season ..right? So, maybe they’re out there strutting their stuff, showing off their sexy agility, attracting their buff buck. Or maybe they were simply enjoying the lusciousness of spring and the aliveness of all growing things waking up from winter slumber. Either way, they were certainly demonstrating what spring calls forth from us: an unabashed desire to get out, frolic, play, breathe, jump, dance, and celebrate Life with each other!

I smile with gratitude for the gifts of Spring and the Beauty I witnessed on that walk through the park. The Owl reminded me to sing, not for any particular reason, just to sing for the enjoyment of song, and the celebration of Life and Beauty. And the Deer, of course, reminded me to Play: express the dance of Spring in all its gleeful enthusiasm. Nature reminds us to live by allowing Life to move through our breath, voice and bodies. The aliveness of Spring calls you to Awaken…come Alive….Celebrate in Joy!!!

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